Should you Travel with EF College Break?


If you are within the age group of 18-28, and you're looking to begin traveling the world, or to take another trip. EF was a great experience I had, and I look forward to taking more trips with them in the future after having such an incredible adventure. Don't worry if you're over 28, you can still travel with GoAhead Tours, another EF Company. Below you will find a list of reasons explaining why you should take a trip with EF College Break, before it’s too late!

1. Meet people within your age group from around the country!

     On all of my trips with EF College Break, I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of new friends and travelers from around the United States. Everyone on the trip will be within the age range of 18 - 28, so it is easy to meet new friends since a lot of you will have things in common, whether it be jobs, interests, rivalries with schools, or even just the passion for traveling the world.  One unique thing with a lot of these trips is that a lot of the people I have met so far become repeat travelers, which gives you the opportunity to travel with them again. There is also the chance that you will meet people who you end up visiting around the United States. Nothing builds a new friendship like being somewhere other than where you live.

2. No worries!

     Unless your airline loses your luggage, like Ferryn, there are no worries on the trip. Everything is planned for you and there is adequate time to explore each area on your own and with others from your group. Flights, transportation, guides, and excursions are all set, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride!

     If you're worried about finding things to do while you're on the trip, look no further than your tour director, and even the bus drivers. They are both a wealth of knowledge for the local areas, and can help you find almost anything you want. From the best local bars in Europe, to the local scuba place in Costa Rica. Their experience can help you have the best trip of your life, if you take the time to ask them about what you want to do. Tour directors will often have other optional excursions that you can sign up for while you're on your trip. In my experience, these excursions can be some of the highlights of your trip. From the Dutch countryside filled with cheese, to a wine tasting that leads to opera music at a small winery in Venice, there truly is nothing better, especially since they had all been planned for us.

3. Its easy.


    Almost like no worries, but there is nothing easier than booking these trips. If you have the time to travel, or can get the time off work then there really isn't anything easier than booking a trip with EF College Break. As long as you are willing to find a way to pay the bill, you're going to start an adventure that you will never forget. With trips as low as $160 a month (don't quote me on that) these trips are affordable for almost everyone if you really set your mind to it. I published my tricks to affording my first, second, and more trips with EF College Break here. Personally, I urge everyone to look at these trips and take one before you graduate college. There is nothing that’s going to open your mind up more than travel, and when it is this easy, why wouldn't you?

4. Payment plans, a broke college kid’s dream.

     Ok, so with EF you have the option to pay as much as you can up front when you book (minimum is $150 I believe) and then the rest will be made in payments up until 30 or so days before your trip leaves. So, for a college kid not looking to lose all their dough up front, it can be a life saver. The great thing about these payment plans is just how flexible they are. One thing that I like to do is book as far out as possible, and EF will usually have a category you can select that has the current tours with trips that have payments under $200. It’s a great way to see which trips are pretty easy to afford, and for my tips on how I was able to afford trips click here.

5. Did I mention you get to go see another country?

     Our trip was 10 days in Costa Rica, and being from Massachusetts, a nice tropical vacation while traveling sounded great to me. We got to San Jose and right from the start we got to experience the differences from the US to Costa Rica, not to mention the differences in the views! You can experience different foods, hear different languages, and see all kinds of different plants and animals while traveling. So, while you may not be going to Costa Rica, just imagine how different the foods will be while traveling to Europe or Asia on your trip!

     Now after taking another trip with EF College Break, I can speak for their European Roadtrip tour plan, but even in winter it is a great way to see a lot of countries. The best thing about the winter in Europe is that there are virtually no crowds, especially in comparison so the summer when it is peak tourism season. These winter tours can be a great way to have an unforgettable winter break from school or work, while avoiding the crowds that can plague some of the major tourist attractions in the summer. Even as a summer trip, visiting 6 or more countries in Europe as part of one tour is an amazing way to see the world, and even help you plan which locations you want to return to see more of.

6. Referral Codes, we can't forget about them!

         If you book a trip with EF College Break, you get a referral code to give to your friends! If your friend is a first-time traveler and uses your code, you get money for your trip, and your friend saves money on their trip! These referral codes are a great way to entice your friends to travel with you, and are always good to remember when you get back, so when you're telling someone at school about your amazing trip and experiences, you can grab their email, and have a referral code sent to them.


Want to travel with EF College Break? Contact us for a $100 off referral code!

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